Celadon Contract Manufacturing

High Mix, Low Volume Manufacturing

High mix, low volume production gives our clients the ability to produce products in lower quantities to meet their specific needs. Many manufacturers in China have very high minimum order quantities (MOQ) and are either not interested or do not provide a high level of service on small volume orders. Volume aggregation of multiple products provides economies of scale and manufacturing efficiencies through effective management of production schedules and component procurement.

High Quality Production Facilities

Quality processes and procedures ensure that products are produced with the highest attention to detail. From incoming quality control (IQC) to quality assurance (QA) on the production line and outgoing quality control (OQC) on finished goods, Celadon ensures that all products are manufactured according to the most stringent quality standards.

All manufacturing locations are ISO 9001 certified and follow industry standard policies for Inventory Control, Assembly/Test Procedures and Quality Assurance. All products are manufactured according to ROHS standards, using state of the art Nitrogen Reflow for all PCB assembly.

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Celadon understands the importance of protecting intellectual property. Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA) are mandatory for any discussions involving intellectual property. A variety of options are available for managing intellectual property including limiting confidential information to only necessary team members to the consignment of pre-programmed parts and materials.

Streamlined Procurement and Logistics

Using world class distributors and leveraging relationships with leading suppliers, Celadon can provide complete turnkey procurement of all BOM components, negotiate best pricing and manage lead-times of critical components.  Our trusted network of freight forwarders will manage the import and delivery of products to any global location under various shipping modes and terms.

Lower Cost than producing in the USA

Building products in the USA can be very expensive, but might be considered to be the only way to ensure high quality production in lower volumes. Celadon can provide a lower cost alternative to production in the USA, by utilizing our high quality manufacturing facilities to provide lower volume production options through volume aggregation to achieve economies of scale.

Better Quality than China Production

Many clients have experienced “Quality Fade” for products made at China factories, where the quality of a product diminishes over time.  Celadon focuses on manufacturing high quality products in order to build a long term relationship with its clients and to maximize the value and reputation of the products that we are entrusted to produce.

OEM/ODM Manufacturing Services

Celadon provides complete OEM/ODM manufacturing services.  This gives many clients the opportunity to make improvements to an existing design, while transferring the production to our facility.  Cosmetic or functional design changes can be implemented in order to meet new product requirements or to reduce overall manufacturing costs. 

On Time

Celadon works closely with its clients to manage production forecasts, inventory levels and production schedules to ensure on time delivery of finished goods. Utilizing production facilities outside of China, we can avoid the delays caused with the Chinese New Year holiday and provide various shipping options to get parts delivered to the final destination quickly and efficiently.